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Mutant Gifts is a conversation with ghosts. Amidst the chaos of 2020 Alison, like so many artists through the ages, found creative refuge in a Church. She was invited to live on the beautiful campus of St. John’s in the West Village of New York City. Inspired by the shimmering acoustics, she spent hours deep into the night composing on electric guitar with a myriad of looping and effects pedals. It was here she wrote the hypnotic songs of the Mutant Gifts EP and invited Brent Arnold, and the resonant warmth of his cello, to join her. The resulting live performance video and EP is Alison's label debut with Independent Project Records; mixed by Noah Georgeson and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova.  The Mutant Gifts CD EP's are handprinted in luminous silver ink, individually numbered and include postcard inserts with photographs from Alison's time at St. John's. Video and photos by Esteban Haga.
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