Alison Clancy is a choreographer and movement advisor for LIGHT HARVEST STUDIO , a collective of artists, designers and technologists,  who share a passion for pushing the boundries of art and technology. 

LIGHT HARVEST STUDIO uses cutting edge audio visual installation and site-specific projection mapping to release the beloved art of cinema from the traditional viewing environment. Bridges and tunnels, fine art galleries, museums,  events, parties, concerts - almost any location can now host large-scale cinematic entertainment. Our culture's greatest communication medium becomes free to travel, interact and respond to the environment beyond the screen. Light Harvest Studio has been at  the forefront of this field for over a decade, with award winning-special effects and cinematography in conjunction with cutting-edge display technology.

The Awakening

Over the past few years, Light Harvest has used  motion capture technology  to explore the impact of intimate, emotive dance performance on the sometimes sterile art of architectural projection. The resulting mix is a startingly resonant exploration of the human experience with all the punch of larger-than-life spectacle. The newest piece "The Awakening' premiering at the 2019 LUMA Projection Arts Festival, illustrates through metaphor and movement how ambition, so often seen as critical to success, can just as easily drive us away from everything we need to flourish. It's about the ways we’ve distanced ourselves from the natural world to thrive in a culture that makes us increasingly reticent to turn inward, when there may be no other way to find that which we most desperately seek.

Director - Ryan Uzilevsky

Choreographer - Alison Clancy

Lead Animators  -  Tom Bourguet and Josh Slaby

Performers - Jay Donn, Chelsea Ainsworth, Lauren Stucko, Alison Clancy

Alison Clancy, Ryan Uzilevsky, Motion Capture, Light Harvest, Luma Projection Arts Festival, Video Mapping, Animation