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Alison is a choreographer and movement advisor for LIGHT HARVEST STUDIO, a collective pushing the boundaries of art and technology. Light Harvest uses cutting edge audiovisual installation and site-specific projection mapping to release the beloved art of cinema from the traditional viewing environment. Bridges, tunnels, buildings and museums host the large-scale cinematic events.

Light Harvest was the first production company to use motion capture choreography within architectural projections, bringing intimate, emotive dance performance to the sometimes sterile art form. The resulting mix is a startingly resonant human experience within larger-than-life spectacle. Light Harvest has been at  the forefront of this field for over a decade, with award winning special-effects and cinematography. 

Our work The Awakening screens at the 2023 San Francisco Dance Film Festival on Oct 4.


Substack article:  I've Been Haunting Your Rave

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