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Clancy is a master of creating musical artist that simply cannot be ignored. - Speak Into My Good Eye

An undeniably compelling muse... one of the greatest young dancers in New York City, and therefore the world. - Quiet Lunch Magazine 

Alison Clancy twists herself into contortions with longing and obsession. - New York Times

A gifted artist, one who comes along and graces us with beautiful, unique music that will live on in perpetuity... Put simply, she is music incarnate. Her connections to the essence of music itself is soul deep. - May Magazine


There is an affinity between memory and dream that she somehow captures, and also something of the future. - Osburnt Dispatches

Alison Clancy is understood by the refined to be the best new rock front person from New York City since Karen O. - Sadie Magazine

Bandleader Alison Clancy is more than just the pilot of this flight, she’s the one pulling the strings of time and space… This is her rollercoaster, and we’re all strapped in with blindfolds on, waiting for the next twist. - Deli Magazine

Alison Clancy is Iggy Pop in a skirt. - Já cheiro o samádhi


Alison Clancy made dance history at The Metropolitan Opera - The Dance Enthusiast

Dancer-slash-band front woman Alison Clancy…is clearly both serious about her art, and playful enough to take risk. - Cover Laydown

I was absolutely moved by her whole presence. - Sewn Thrifty Collection

The results are most interesting in improvised passages and solos by Alison Clancy... she throws her long legs around and twirls until her bright pink skirt flares out around her…. a vivid performer. - The Village Voice


Alison Clancy’s perfect racer’s profile dominated the work. - William Avery Hudson


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