Clancy is known to music fans for her many projects that have toured the US and Europe and composed for theater, dance and film. Her current live solo set incorporates ritual practices, projections, lighting techniques, and a myriad of guitar and vocal pedals to create otherworldly highways, lost intersections where we search for ourselves in the shadows.

In her debut solo album, PSYCHO TYKO, Clancy leads us into a distinct world all her own: a tripped out, lucid dream, alt-pop adventure. It’s grunge, it’s psychedelic disco -- a sonic fantasy where reality bends to the will of its sweet voiced master. Clancy brings herself to this record with intimate volatily. Ambitious and diverse, Psycho Tyko is intricately textured with heavy synths, distorted beats, post punk guitars and tender vocals; it evokes visions of a beautiful girl on an acid trip. It’s after hours sex in a neon haze of transcendental curiosity.


Alison Clancy was previously a songwriter and front person the bands HUFF THIS! (all-female dream thrash), Loving You (with experimental cellist Chris Lancaster), Electric Child (hard hitting alt-pop with Roger Greenawalt), and Nine By Seven (with Danish hip-hop producer Esben ‘Es’ Thornhall and conceptual artist Marco Evaristti). She’s opened for Moby, TV On The Radio, Skrillex, Kathleen Hanna, been sponsored by SPIN magazine, and played venues ranging from The Guggenheim Museum to the Burning Man.

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