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"Few bands ever define a mission so straightforward, but LOVING YOU spells it out from the very onset. This is LOVE in all it's chaos and glory: whole oceans of ecstasy and heartbreak that rear up into impossibly spiraling waves and crash into depths unfathomable." -Fashion Reporters

Alison Clancy and cellist Chris Lancaster have a palpable lunar pull on each other and their audiences. Using effects and amplification to expand the potential of the cello, Chris manifests the power of a full band or orchestra, creating intricately textured walls of sound and beating the body of the instrument like a drum. Alison, a classical dancer and otherworldy songwriter, enters this sonic storm to deliver visceral performances. The two have an obsession for each other's talents and a compulsion to create together. This addiction manifests as LOVING YOU, a familiar story unfolding in a unique way.