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Icarus Overslept; Better Luck Next Time

In February 2022 Alison created a performance installation in collaboration with Richie Adomako at La Mama Galleria. Richie's striking solo exhibition: Icarus overslept; better luck next time, was a visually submersive experience of 100 pieces; tracing the evolution of Richie's exploration of painting and drawing. Alison created an audio-visual conversation with the works through the performance of original music and casting shadows to interact with the paintings. 

Richie Adomako's infectious spirit illuminates his art work like black light, which when cast upon the work reveals previously unseen mysteries. Through neo-expressionist paintings, installations, sound compositions and spoken word, his work  is concerned with types and archetypes - “where we are one or the other, and at times both. Whether in strokes, sound, or by organ of sight, my work plays with the relationship between the face and mind; the omniscience of memory as a mirror and a projector. Sometimes there are no walls - just a common denominator.”

Curated by C. Finley, the exhibition was on view Jan 27– Feb 26 2022. 

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