Icarus Overslept; Better Luck Next Time

La Mama Galleria is pleased to present the solo exhibition, Richie Adomako: Icarus overslept; better luck next time, which traces the evolution of the artist’s exploration of painting and drawing. The exhibition, curated by C. Finley, will be on view January 27th – February 26th, 2022. 

Richie Adomako (b. 1984 Kumasi, Ghana) works in forms of Neo-Expressionism in formats of paintings, installations as well as compositions in sound, performance and words. Merging these mediums as cross disciplines, he is concerned with types and archetypes - “where we are one or the other, and at times both. Whether in strokes, sound, or by organ of sight, my work plays with the relationship between the face and mind; the omniscience of memory as a mirror and a projector. Sometimes there are no walls - just a common denominator.”

Richie’s search for truth through his work is as he would say, “a lover’s qualm at the precipice at the moment of the self with identity in the picture.” The nature of his work plays with the idea that ‘there is a place for everything’, no matter how random. With the belief that his work is ultimately defined by the notion that “a small look is also a big picture, just as a big picture makes everything small in reasoning, he pushes for an order amongst disorder.