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WRITTEN ON THE BODY: A Series of Short Films about the Body by 3 Radical Women Filmmakers

In Written On the Body, Gary Lucas performs both composed and improvised soundtracks on solo guitar to 3 films by radical women film makers Shirley Clarke, Maya Deren, and Barbara Rubin. Alison Clancy accompanies both Lucas’s music and the films themselves with live vocals, interpretive solo dance, and building a custom lighting installation. This show premiered at Roulette in October 2023 and marks the duo’s second collaboration together—Lucas joined forces with Clancy in the spring of 2022 to accompany her solo dance to the Overture to The Flying Dutchman at MIT with his original solo guitar arrangement.

Gary Lucas original solo guitar soundtracks
Alison Clancy live solo dance, vocals, lighting installation
Chuck Smith film curator

Shirley Clarke—A Moment in Love (1957), 9 min
Maya Deren—The Very Eye of Night (1958), 15 min
Barbara Rubin—Christmas on Earth (1963), 25 min

Gary Lucas is a guitarist, Grammy-nominated songwriter and composer who has released over 50 albums, collaborated with everyone from Leonard Bernstein to Lou Reed, Jeff Buckley and Captain Beefheart, and performed live in over 40 countries.
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