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music & choreography Alison Clancy

Is it possible for a room to be empty when your memories keep breaking through the walls?
Alison Clancy’s drone-pop-psych-Americana piece So Brutal It Feels Like Home puts you in a liminal space where ghosts ricochet off every surface. This is about the same thing that makes wild dogs howl. Three dancers,  Clancy’s live ethereal vocals and electric guitar, and multi-spectrum lighting and shadows transport us from ecstatic vistas to the bottom of the well. Landing somewhere between a rock show / dance concert / performance installation the work is haunting in its simple brutality, emotional intimacy and physical virtuosity.
In February 2023 artist and curator Susannah Griffee brought together ten visual artists to occupy Art Bond Gallery in Chelsea for an exhibition interrogating and re-writing their relationship with home. The the far corner held refuge for Alison's dream washed musings: five performances in collaboration with dancers Joshua Leon Eguia, Lucia Tozzi, Ariel Marks and Maxfield Haynes. Persona Gallery in DUMBO presented an encore performance in June 2023. Running time: 50 minutes
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