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curated by Susannah Griffee
music/choreography by Alison Clancy

Feb 9 - Mar 9 2023

An exhibition of ten international artists interrogating/re-writing the brutality of life and their relationship with home. Artist and curator Susannah Griffee brought together visual artists Vanessa Tremain, Dae Law, Artemii Lysikov, Claudia, Julian Thomas, Guerly Jean Felix, Noah Becker, and Tom MacFarland to occupy Art Bond NY, a massive Chelsea gallery. The show negotiates a raw, multifaceted human experience of the universe as sometimes cruel, sometimes irritating, and often awe inspiring.


The the far corner of Art Bond holds refuge for the dream washed musings of musician/choreographer Alison Clancy. Alison brings holistic performances to the raw space with multicolored shadows, electric guitar lines woven into expansive, brooding drone-psyche americana, and emotionally virtuosic dancers Joshua Leon Eguia, Lucia Tozzi, Ariel Marks and Maxfield Haynes. Photos: Marc Santos

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