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An performace ritual reflecting birth, identity, decay, beauty, and death. Studies in Feedback brings together the dancing and vocals of Alison Clancy, video feedback dreamings of Jason Akira Somma and cello soundscapes of Chris Lancaster. The idea of ritual is central: all elements are created live in the moment. There are no computers, there is no choreography, no score. Video feedback is created when a camera films it’s own projection. Somma has refined this technique to create hypnotic visual landscapes through subtle camera work and analog mixing boards. Alison moves in and out of the camera’s feedback frame and the sonic stage of a microphone, engaging in a supple dialogue with her own body, the intense sensory experience created by Somma and Lancaster, and the ever-deteriorating video reflections and mutations of her own image. The results are emotionally charged: The nostalgia of each moment highlighted through observing its deterioration. This feedback ritual allows each artist an independent voice, but simultaneously illustrates how we manipulate, echo and mirror each other’s experiences.
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