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An elevated thriller starring Karen Leigh-Sharp and Madeleine Masson, written and directed by Vibeke Muasya, and featuring 7 original songs by Alison Clancy.

Alison Clancy Soundtrack AVAILABLE HERE

Feature Film Streaming on VUDU

Boden International Film Festival: BEST HORROR FILM

Stockholm City Film Festival: BEST HORROR FILM/BEST DIRECTOR


From the director: I wanted to make a female driven thriller about the unspeakable – the destruction of a human being. Destroyed by misplaced love and mother protection. Having grown up with a paranoid mother who often went into a weeklong psychosis, it has mattered to me to create a story evoking the claustrophobic feeling of being in a bond with a person whom you both love and hate. A person who will ultimately destroy you if you do not destroy the relationship. 

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